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Magical Place for Kids Pampering Our packages

A girl is holding her hair up in front of the camera.

Children’s Spa Ideal for all occasions

Located at Mall of America
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It's not easy being a Princess.. but hey, if the crown fits


Step into a world of Enchantment, with Princess and Divas Spa Fun Shop, Tailored for children ages 3 to 16. From Luxurious throne pink chairs, dazzling makeup stations, his royal pampering experience offers glamorous nails, flavor facials, with REAL cucumbers, stylish glam hair clips, and to top that off, let's get creative and make your True Princess or a Diva! Capture the magic by taking photos that will create lasting memories of this special pampering experience that you can cherish forever. 

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Fun kids testimonials

Sarah M.

“Mommy, this is the best day ever!”

Eva O.

“I’m a real princess!”

Adelaide T.Adelaide T.

“This is the best place ever!”

Ashley D.

“Absolutely so much fun. Best birthday ever.”

Nina Skye P.

“I feel beautiful.” 

Linza D.

“I love this place! I don’t want to leave!” 

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